Manners & Morals

Usually depicted as a demented, red-eyed trickster sitting in a meditation posture like the Buddha, Phra Ngang has a reputation as a karmic amplifier who continually tests his devotees at the crossroads of decision, manipulating unseen currents of cause and effect to tilt the odds in favor of their requests.

Like the Exu of Brazilian macumba or the Eshu of Afro-Cuban Lucumi, Phra Ngang possesses a double-edged nature which allows him to mirror and reflect the motives of his devotees for good or ill alike.

Phra Ngang can be a wise and compassionate teacher who guides the pure of heart to a primal state of inner balance and innocent joy – but be careful what you wish for! Phra Ngang will not hesitate to remove his protection and allow a whirlwind of unintended consequences to turn your life upside-down if you becomes greedy, callous or vindictive.

So remember, whether your choices lift you up into enlightenment or drag you down into the gutter is always up to you…

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