Prai Phaya Khao Kham amulet by AJ Bess – Thai sorcery for love & attraction


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An astonishing (prai) Phaya Khao Kham amulet from the late AJ Bess, a famous Thai sorceror who demonstrated tremendous psychic and magical abilities from early childhood before mysteriously dying young

Pha Khao Kham is a Lanna deity sometimes compared to Khun Phaen, usually depicted as a prince with enormous golden horns flanked by 2 or 4 women. As a magical entity/spirit fetish, Phaya Khao Kham is believed to bless his bearers with enormous powers of attraction and love, so that they will never have to sleep alone (unless they want to)!

In Southeast Asia, fetishes like this are believed to manipulate powerful supernatural energies and should be worn with respect.

Please note: actual amulet is quite a bit darker than in this photo and has been cased in the traditional Thai style (waterproof acrylic wrap with a jump ring). One only.


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