AJ Orb: RARE Phra Sri Salang Ngang amulet set – THAI VOODOO for love & protection




Phra Si Salang Ngang (male & female) “Earthly Embodiment of Phra Shiva” Cast from Ancient Lead Relic’s made and blessed by Phra Ajarn Ob of Wat Pa Chadaram in Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand. Available for purchase as a set.

Phra Si Salang Ngang is a rare and ancient magical subject that only the most powerful and knowledgeable master’s understand how to create. Commercial amulet makers are constantly searching for subjects to create but many will not touch Si Salang Ngang because it requires more power and knowledge to create then they have.

Si Salang Ngang is an avatar of Phra Shiva, you may be wondering why do we see a male and female version of Si Salang Ngang. The answer is because Lord Shiva is a dual god, in the form of “Ardhanarishvara” Shiva is both male and female. The Matsya Purana describes how Brahma, pleased with a penance performed by Parvati, rewards her by blessing her with a golden complexion. This renders her more attractive to Shiva, to whom she later merges as one half of his body. This is the reason we see the earthly avatar of Shiva (Si Salang Ngang) depicted in both male and female forms.

Phra Si Salang Ngang can be hung high (neck) or low (waist line) because Si Salang because he is the embodiment of a powerful God, while “Phor” Ngang is not a God but a human that was reincarnated as a angel.

Typically Si Salang Ngang is feed white alcohol for Invulnerability. The ancient textbook of Si Salang Ngang says that he can be offered urine to increase the Power drastically, though this is mainly preformed by sorcerer’s who can control the great power. For this ceremony you simply need to repeat the Kata while you are urinating.

You can offer perfume to increase Charm and Mercy. You can also offer water to increase smoothness in life. There is specific Kata or incantation’s that must be cast when making each kind of offering. I will make the kata available upon purchase. This is a very outstanding set