AJ Tom: Barang coffin nail amulet – THAI VOODOO for road opening & money luck




Aj Tom Old coffin Nail
BE 2565

Carrying this coffin nail is believed to help to remove all obstacles, avoid legal problems and unwanted “bad people” in your life as well as allowing the owner to have excellent “breakthrough” in all endeavors

There are old nails collected by Ajarn Tom over the years, on his search for the best and traditional prai material, which is then tied with the saisin, used to tie the deceased during funeral, along with a healthy dose of Prai mud, the thick, consecrated oil of Prai

A classic combo would be to hang these together with a wealth coin, aka ghost coin, and is a commonly used combination of material by traditional occult amulet makers.

Having a blessed coffin nails amulet, signifies ‘Breakthrough’ in life and excellency in everything you do.

Believed to be perfect for those who are operating a business, doing sales, trade, frequently have interpersonal face to face interactions with peoples.

It will help to bring in good wealth, money and good luck and have great wish granting effects.