February, 2015

In Thailand, the Ghost Business Thrives

Kapol Thongplub has been listening to ghost stories for two decades as host of “The Shock.” Credit Guilio Di Sturco for The New York Times

The belief in the supernatural, ghosts and otherwise, infuses daily life in Thailand. Ministers inaugurate their offices at auspicious times, and powerful generals have been known to consult seers before a big decision, such as launching a coup — a […]

Thailand needs to give up the ghosts

A Thai opposition protester bites a necklace carrying amulets during a rally at the occupied Finance Ministry in Bangkok on November 26, 2013. Thai opposition protesters besieged several more ministries in Bangkok on November 26 in a bid to topple the government, as Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra faced a no-confidence motion in parliament and warned against "mob rule". AFP PHOTO/Christophe ARCHAMBAULT

From exorcism ceremonies to spirit houses and amulets claiming to make wearers bullet-proof, Thailand is a culture soaked in superstition — an obsession critics say is holding the nation back. On a popular episode of “Humans defy ghosts” — a […]