THAI VOODOO: AJ Pornsit: “Cool Tiger” amulet for protection and luck


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One of a very small number (16) released in 2022, this amulet depicts the “Cool Tiger,” so called because he has the cool, beautiful face of a human woman (to lure his prey into the jungle) and the hot, aggressive body of a tiger (to fight and eat his victims).

This rare Lanna entity is a mythological being who lives in the jungle of Northern Thailand as a kind of were-beast and is believed to bestow both powerful protection (from enemies) as well as attraction (of the opposite sex).

Ajarn Pornsit was a very well-known and respected Thai magician whose amulets have become highly sought after and collectible since his death towards the end of the pandemic. Extremely RARE, selling for the price I paid for it, one only.

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