AJ Tree Ra Deatch : Mae Hee Hom yant magic cloth – THAI VOODOO for money & love luck



A temple blessed magic cloth from Ajarn Tree Ra Deatch depicting Mae Hee Hom, a necromantic Thai spirit of wealth, love and protection.

Magic cloths like these are believed to be inhabited or ensouled by magically installed entities who can help their owners to achieve their goals and would be hung in shops to entice customers, money and wealth; in a home, it might also be hung facing the back of the front door.

Offering might include sandalwood incense, water, and jasmine flowers.

Translation of temple insert follows:

Amulet Cloth “Mae Hee Horm Set Thi” : First Version

By Ajarn Theeradetch Guntadong

This amulet cloth is used for enhancing charm, mercy and success in business.

  1. If you use this cloth for lust, put some perfume on it and move it around your c*ck (three times) or your p*ssy (three times) and bring it along with you.
  2. If you use this cloth for increasing your business, put some perfume on it and pray for Mae Hee Horm and ask her to help enhance your business and sales. Then keep this sacred cloth inside the place you keep your money
  3. If you want to call for you ex-lover to come back to you, write his/her name down on a piece of paper and fold it together with the cloth. Then put some perfume on it and pray for Mae Hee Horm to help you. Keep it under your pillow.