Hand-drawn Fertility & Romance magic shroud cloth – THAI VOODOO for wealth & attraction



An enchanted magical cloth for maha saneh (supernaturally amplified attraction), depicting a “three-legged” bedroom warrior entertaining four women at once.

In Thailand, magic cloths like these are believed to be inhabited or ensouled by magically installed entities who can help their owners to achieve their goals. Normally pieces like this would be silk-screened and chanted in bulk by monks in a temple to be hung in shops or at home for protection.

What makes this piece so VERY rare and unusual is that instead of silk-screening this design in an edition of 999 to be chanted by monks in a temple, Ajarn Phu La Buor SUan hand-drew just a few copies on sections of a shroud cloth (which is probably what gives its raw, gritty appearance) – and because of this, it should probably be carried in a pocket or purse instead of being displayed openly.

“Emphasize on charm, mercy, fortune, trade, use it to know that the strength of good, charming, worship”

Offering might include sandalwood incense, water, and jasmine flowers. One only.