Thick and strong wax cord Thai necklace for 3 amulets



I’ve seen a lot of different wax cord necklaces for Thai amulets over the years and so far these are the best I’ve ever found, bar none – large enough for a guy with a thick neck, the rope and cord itself is very densely woven and extremely strong, the braid pattern is elegant and minimalistic, and the hooks are incredibly tough.

In face, I was so thrilled to discover a source for these that I immediately ordered a couple dozen which turned out to be WAY more than I needed for my own collection so I’m now selling the extras at cost.

Right now I have two or so of each in:

• red & black
• red & dark brown
• blue & black
• blue & dark brown
• green & black
• green & dark brown

If you have a strong preference for a certain color combo, let me know and I’ll send that to you if I still have it

Please note however that as these sell it will become a bit of a grab bag in terms of colors over time…