Tao Wessuwan “Ghost killer” pha yant – THAI VOODOO for wealth & protection


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A temple blessed magic cloth depicting Tao Wessuwan, the Thai avatar of Kubera (a Hindu deity of wealth) and the guardian of the North. Tao Wessuwan is also known as the “Ghost Killer” (notice his studded club resting on the skull beneath him) and is believed to be extremely effective in this capacity, so

    do not keep in the same room as any kind of spirit amulets or deities.

Magic cloths like these are believed to be inhabited or ensouled by magically installed entities who can help their owners to achieve their goals and would be hung in shops to entice customers, money and wealth; in a home, it might also be hung facing the back of the front door for protection.

Offering might include sandalwood incense, water, and jasmine flowers.