Suea Yen (cool tiger) statue/fetish for Power, Authority & protection – THAI VOODOO




Boromakru Suea Yen Maha Setthi Nuea Pisae “The Great Teacher – Cold Hearted Tiger Special Edition” Beautifully Painted by Hand with Auspicious Powder’s rubbed onto the Statue. Made and blessed by the Young Master – Ajarn Hon House of Lanna Sak Yant in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Ajarn Hon’s Boromakru Suea Yen, or is the Kruba Ajarn of the Somnak or Lineage of Ajarn Hon’s teacher’s. Ajarn Hon says this Suea Yen represents his master, that learned so much wicha he became very powerful and could turn himself into a tiger. That is why we see the Ajarn depicted in partial human form with the claws of a tiger. On the bottom we see the Mystical hair, Ya Dang Lanna Magic Red Ink embedded with Takrut for Maha Amnad or Dominant Power and Leadership.

Suea Yen is originally a magic spell from the Shan (Tai Yai Hilltribe people of Northern Thailand and Burma). It is believed that with this spell people can embody the spirit of the tiger and at a high level can even turn themselves into a weretiger. The Suea Yen wicha is for ‘Maha-Amnad’; power, vengeance and Kong Grapan like most other tiger yants but Suea Yen has the heart of a king and is only partially tiger, partial God-Like spirit. For this reason Suea Yen carries the Mercy charm of Metta Maha Niyom for preferential treatment and benevolent love as well as Maha Saneh for attraction in love and business. The Dual effect of Suea Yen is described as a “Cold Heart Metta” meaning Suea Yen is still very vicious though he can make people love him.

Ajarn Hon is a very thoughtful, sincere and kind hearted person. Very pure and humble. He has a beautiful style of Sak Yant Tattoo and frequently uses both Lanna and Khmer alphabets. He is highly educated in Dhamma and Saiyasart Magic.