LP Upp : Tao Wessuwan Phra Rahu Salika yant magic cloth – THAI VOODOO


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A temple blessed magic cloth from LP Upp depicting LP Upp himself sitting atop Tao Wessuwan, a deity known as the “ghost killer” whose statues are usually found guarding Buddhist temples.

Below these is Phra Rahu, the asura of astrological fate who eats bad luck, flanked by two salika birds for eloquence, two geckos for charm, and LP Upp’s foot and handprints for luck and a powerful blessing.

Magic cloths like these are believed to be inhabited or ensouled by magically installed entities who can help their owners to achieve their goals and would be hung in shops to entice customers, money and wealth; in a home, it might also be hung facing the back of the front door.

Offering might include sandalwood incense, water, and jasmine flowers.