LP Suthat : Phra Ngang statue w. leklai – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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This is a fantastic bronze Phra Ngang statue from Luang Phor Suthat of Ubon Ratchathani. This Phra Ngang is here represented in his usual curved hat in the form of an antique ngang statue which LP Suthat has packed and consecrated. Luang Phor has also picked out gold yant to fit beautifully into the design. Luang Phor Suthat’s Yant geometry is some of the most beautiful in Thailand. The base of the statue has a coffin nail, a leklai orb, various gems and some pretty serious prai material. This makes this a strong Phra Ngang. =

This is a stunning statue designed to give luck in all matters of life as Phra Ngang is best for granting wishes, he is also good for attracting people with strong Maha Saneah qualities. Phra Ngang is seen as a friend to those on the fringes of society as he can adapt to us easily.

Phra Ngang is an underworld figure that came from the Ayuthaya period and started because some buried Buddha statues has their eyes died red from all the blood in the ground after a terrible battle. He is the underworld relation to Buddha and is quick to grant wishes. He is turned to when things are bad because he can also be vengeful and is favored by those on the edges of society.

Translation of temple insert follows:


Na Ma A U, Ju Ti Ju Ti, Bhudha Sang Mi
I Ti Sukhato Namobhudhaya Namapata
Japagasa Nachaleeti

Nong Chart Samakki Dham Temple