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AN extremely rare and useful type of magical amulet from LP Kong, the Bia Gae is a seashell into which have been careful embedded various rare alchemical substances, then sealed with lead and ritually consecrated. By Thai Buddhist tradition, the seashell must have 32 teeth, which represent the 32 parts of the human body in esoteric Thai healing.

Amulets like these are valuable and unusual and are believed to strongly protect against poverty and illness. I tilted the back into the sunlight a bit so that you could see a bit of the yant (sacred calligraphy, which activates the spell) engraved into the casing. One only.

Kata for LP Kong Bia Gae:

Start with Na Mo for 3 times

“Na Na Pa Ta” (Repeat 3 times)

“Ja Pa Ga Sa” (Repeat 3 times)

A Si Sa Ti/ Tha Nu jay Wa
Sub Pay Ta/ A Wu Tha Ni Ja
Pak Ka/ Pak Ka Wi Jun Na Ni
So Mang Ma May/ Na Pus San Ti