Lanna Suea Yen (cool tiger) + Hoon Payon (ghost robot) amulet – THAI VOODOO for luck & protection


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An awesome combination of Suea Yen (Cool Tiger) & Hoon Payon (spiritual bodyguard) in a single amulet, from the Northern Lanna region of Thailand.

Suea Yen is a kind of fearsome angel with the body of a tiger (for ferocity, domination, courage, etc) and the head of a beautiful woman (for attraction, loving kindness, preferential treatment, etc)

Hoon Payon is a type of golem or spiritual bodyguard which carries out the wishes of the owner, attracting money and protecting against envy, street crime, black magic, etc.

Very unusual and very rare. One only, carry with respect and do not abuse its energies!