Kruba Pon : Cat feeding mice amulet – THAI VOODOO for luck & attraction


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Cat feeding Mouse Prai Sitti Choke edition blessed by Kruba Porn, Wat Pu-hor, Chiangmai province.

From the temple insert:

“Kruba Porn has made by combining 7 Pong Ya Kru as the main materials, adding with burned powder of  Look Krok. This occult sorcery has a very strong effect in love attraction, Metta Maha Saney, Maha Niyom. As cat and mouse are always a rival to one another, therefore to have them love each other (feeding mouse) is a miracle, just like the effect of the amulets. For those who are truly hate hate one another, with this amulet, they will become friend. Those who do not have lovers or unsuccessful in love, unpopular, they will turn up to be lovable by people all around. You will get promotions in work, as well as luck and good fortune. The amulets is also serve best for whispering luck and help with gambling luck.

Worship for the first time with flowers and a glass of milk and says this Katha below:

Su Ki Ti Ma Su Pa Ja Ro

Sa Pa Kha To Yat J Sa Ma Ro

R See Ma Pi To (repeated all 3 times, then make your wish”


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