LP Suthat & LP Samphan : JUMBO Phra Ngang Amulet – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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Made by two monks, Luang Phor Suthat and Luang Phor Sampan of Ubon Ratchathani, one of the centers for old style Magic in Thailand. This Phra Ngang is hand made from spiritually active materials and shaped into a seated Phra Ngang with his curly hat and sat in the lotus position. He has superb Yant geometry painted on him, his own amulet and is holding a metal Phra Ngang in front of him. This is held in place by the thread used to bind the hands of the dead into a wai. This is a very special Phra Ngang as it has a huge cremation piece in the back and more astonishing Yant geometry. The Metta oil contains both gold leaf and more cremation materials. This is the top of the range as these things go and extremely rare. This is also large at 4.75″ long and is a hand made, limited issue piece. For an altar.

Phra Ngang is an underworld figure that came from the Ayuthaya period and started because some buried Buddha statues has their eyes died red from all the blood in the ground after a terrible battle. He is the underworld relation to Buddha and is reputedly quick to grant wishes but I believe that he is actually a group of deities as many have a different feeling to them. He is turned to when things are bad because he can also be vengeful and is favoured by those on the edges of society. Phra Ngang tends to envelope the bearer to make you ‘more’ than what you were before. This is a great amulet for luck, attraction and wishes.