AJ Koh : JUMBO Phra Ngang amulet – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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A very “hot” and crazily hypnotic phra ngang amulet from Ajarn Koh of Issan province, deservedly known for his hardcore barang! This jumbo amulet features beguiling red eyes, a bone kuman thong in the back for wishes and is soaking in nam man prai! One only, recommended for experienced Phra Ngang devotees only.

Translation of temple insert follows:

(Love and Lust)

Junto Apha Guntaro
Piti Piyo Taywa Manussanang
Ittaphiyo Puri So
Ma A U U Ma A Isawasu Igawiti

Repeat 3 times

Chant this spell prior to the meeting with your loved one and your wish will come true.


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