LP Erb (disciple of LP Pina) : Chamod amulet – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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A beautifully carved and crafted palad khik (holy phallus) amulet with the head of a chamod (or shamod), a type of Southeast Asian civet cat famed for the powerful pheremones with which it attracts its mates. Made by elderly LP Erb (or Erp), master of the chamod sorcery tradition and student of the late LP Pina.

Chamod amulets of this type are normally left exposed/open, but this one has been so expertly and elegantly sealed in the typically Thai acrylic amulet casing, and the contours of the case flow so exactly and with such artistry and precision, that it practically begs to be hung from the belt of its new owner. One only, titanium belt/pocket clip included.

Translation of temple insert follows:

Incantation of Por Cha Mod by Luang Por Earb

Begin with Na Mo for 3 times

Na Ma Pa Ta/ Na Tay Su Tay/ Ma Ha Tay Su Tay
Nang Pho Kang U Sa Na Mi/ Na Cha Li Ti/ Ja Pa Ga Sa
Gun Ta Nay Ha/ Ka Po Hang Pi Pa Sa Ra Ha/ Pa Na I

Sum Gra Tai Temple (Nong Mor Geang Temple)
Pho Nak Tum Tok sub distict, Suppaya district, Chainat 17150