Kruba Kampeng : Mae Per magic cloth yant – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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A temple blessed magic cloth blessed by the renowned Kruba Kampbeng depicting Mae Kalee, goddess of creation and destruction and wife of Shiva.

Magic cloths like these are believed to be inhabited or ensouled by magically installed spirits who can help their owners to achieve their goals and would be hung in shops to entice customers, money and wealth; in a home, it might also be hung facing the back of the front door.

Mae Kalee in particular is believed with aid with matters of romantic love and sexual attraction.

Offering might include sandalwood incense, water, and jasmine flowers.

Translation of temple insert follows:

“Mae Peur Uma Galee” Yantra cloth

Phra Mae Uma Galee – is the goddess of victory and power, the mother of the universe and the wife of Shiva god. IT’s originated from India and it’s in the figure of a woman sitting with legs open widely as if she’s giving birth. It’s power is universal and people like to carry it to protect them from harm.

Characters Engraved – Khata Maha Ga Lee Yo nee, Khata 8 Heak etc. (Kru Ba Kum Peng), Hua Jai Ga Lee, Mon Mae Peur, Hua Jai Mae Peur, Hua Jai Ma Nut-Bu Rut- Satree- Hua Jai Set Thee/ Hua Jai Tan Ha, Hua Jai Itthirit Chanamarn.

The Master invited Pra Mea Ga Lee to live in this Yantra to enhance charm and popularity of the user.

Benefits: It’s the great charm, the great popularity and protection. It will attract customers, enhance business and protect you from evils.

Recited incantation by Luang Phu Kru Ba Kum Peng, the number 1 amulet maker in Thailand

Incantation: Ohm Hee Heak / Ma Ha Hee Heak/ Heak Reak Ngern/ Heak Reak Thong/ Heak Reak Petch Nil Jinda/ Heak Yey Fah/ Heak Fah Din/ Heak Tum Ma Ha Kuay Gin/ Ma Nut Dern Din Hen Mung Heak HEak Hee Sam Tee/ Yoo Bor Dai/ Num Ma Hai Tung

Remarks: There are only 399 Yantra clothes with serial number on each piece. (Warning: Do not use it for immoral purposes.)