Arjarn Saliang : RARE Silver cap Phra Ngang amulet – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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One-of-a-kind takien wood Phra Ngang from AJ Saliang with sparkling, red eyes and a silver cap, the deluxe version of a limited edition set he put out in 2015. Reputed to assist in matters of love, money and protection.

From the temple insert:

The great charm “Paya Ngang”: This sacred masses used to make this Paya Ngnan consist of ancient bone powder found during pilgrimage. This bone is from the ancient age with beautiful jewelly attached. That night the master (Ajarn) dreamed and saw a tall and charming man came to ask for merits and send his spirit off. In the morning, the master recited incantation to send his spirit to heaven and asked for his bone to make sacred objects to his disciples bringing wealth and charm to them. Besides the bone powder, there are also charming hemps (Wan) such as Wan Galong, Wan Nang Kwak, Wan Saneh Jun Deang, Wan Saneh Jun Kaw, Wale Dok Thong Tua Phu and Tua Mia, Wan Khun Pan etc. The master said whoever has this sacred object would be loved by everyone and gain the great appreciation, charm and immortality.

How to worship: Offer a small glass of rice whisky and 1 cigarrette every Tuesday night and chant this spell:

Ohm Khun Pria Asurin Jangtang Heena Oil Banggerd Mon Samae

Repeat 9 times

Worship with 1 incenses and food offering.”


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