AJ Daetch : 5″ bronze Phra Ngang statue – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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A cthonic (underworld) Southeast Asian spirit who functions as a sort of earthy, bawdy, playful counterbalance to the ascetic strivings of Theravada Buddhism, Phra Ngang is worshipped for success in:

  • love & sex
  • business & gambling luck
  • protection from black magic and negative energy.

This 5″ tall bronze Phra Ngang fetish likes:

  • coconut water
  • green bananas
  • pineapples
  • cigarettes
  • whiskey
  • jasmine and sandalwood incense
  • red bull

He needs to have a fresh glass of water at all times. Do NOT:

  • keep in room you sleep in
  • place above the Buddha
  • make offerings of raw meat (ESPECIALLY dangerous).

Thursday at midnight is the traditional time for worship of Phra Ngang. Simply change his water, light some incense, chant the kathas and make your wish.


  • Ajarn Daetch

Translation of temple insert follows:

Khun Wiset Por Ngang Kong Mae Bper Por Bper In Koo Bucha

The Magical Father Ngang of the Mae Bper and Por Bper couple

by Kruba Dech Kittiyano of Samnak Bpaachaa Baan Mai Rattanakosin Lampang of the temple without royal bound, Cemetary of Baan Mai Rattanakosin village, Lampang province

  1. Be of Magical incantions to inspire bedazzling love which will travel around and grant anything you wish in this catergory as long as you revere it.
  2. Has Charm factor that will work for straight genders especially making you appear very masculine to females.
  3. Use it to protect yourself from all kinds of weapons. It has black spells and acts as a very effective hoon payon bodyguard.
  4. You will be able to talk with friends of the same gender much more easily than before, they will understand your words and feelings with clarity.

by making offers it will give you luck wether you are a man or woman. You can set up a container and put a photo of someone or something you desire, even money, then tap the container with the Ngang and continiously chant the Mae Bper kata 7 times. After you can open the container and keep the photo or take the money to use. According to the ancient texts if you do this regularly you will not be poor but you must not be greedy or excessive. It is advised you sit with the container and Ngang for at least 5 minutes daily or on a regular basis and ask it to bestow luck and finance to you. If successfully done the Ngang will grant you outstanding luck, profitable trade sales, good contacts in business, aversion of dangers when travelling and through it’s black spell of prai grassip ghost whispering it can also assist those in need of authority of others which can work in fields of being promoted in work or status in society whereby your rise will not come to an end as the Ngang will support you.

Kata for luck and fortune: Ohm La Luay Maha Haa La Luay Saam Sip Song Pan Ruay Na Dor Lor Bper Maha Ittiyo Jidti Jidtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Pu Toh Na Mo Put Tha Ya U A Ga Sa Na Cha Li Ti (3 times)

Kata Mae Bper: Ohm In Oie In Hak Yeui Nok Ot Kor Yeahng In Bplaeng Jai Hak In Hak In Hom Hak Hao Dtae Ner Er Nang Hak Ohm Sao Hohm Dtit Dti Dta Na So Na Mo Pu Tha Ya Na Ma Pa Ta

Kata Por Ngang: Ma Ni Ma Ngang Maha Ngang Dtan Dti Jidtang Pooti Ma Ni Maa Ma Maa Maa Maha Ittiyo Jidti Jidtang Bpi Yang Ma Ma Pu Toh Na Mo Put Tha Ya