AJ Tom: Mar Hong Prai amulet – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck




An enchanting Mar Hong Prai amulet from the renowned Ajarn Tom of Chian Mai

Mae Hong prai is believed to be fierce but powerful female spirit which though proper blessing and consecration by a skilled master, has obtain a level of cultivation which makes them of a higher level than normal prai.

Consecrated with strength in mind, this batch contains multiple prai, along with prai wax, and soil from the original site were also collected and added into the mix, along with a long list of herbs, which are just too many to list out.

Mae Hong Prai is believed to be great at assisting devotees with opposite gender attraction , charm, interpersonal relationship, aka Metta, and even attracting a specific person, Wealth related matters, be it business, sales, work, gambling etc.

They are, however most widely alleged to be fast when it comes to wish granting and favours request by the users, but always remember give what you have promised if a promise was made during the wishing. One only.