AJ Tom: Boran Rian Bak Pee (ghost coin) – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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A highly traditional amulet and also material from the king of Prai & crocodile, Ajarn Tom, who has painstakingly collected these over multiple years.

It is traditional to put one in the mouth of the ghost, and it is believe to have absorbed part of the energy of the ghost, and is alleged highly effective just as a amulet on its own

These are extremely hard to come by, as these usually won’t have any clear marker, and are often hidden deep inside the forest and or mountains, as anything urban would probably had been looted by now.

Obtaining these can be a treacherous task, which requires Ajarn to go and locate himself, and one can just imagine all the wild creatures and unseen which may be lurking around the corner.

This is even harder to obtain then any other things as they are hidden below the ground, and when one is found, it will only yield one coin usually

This is also why this type of coin has never been released before by Ajarn, simply due to the rarity, and difficulty in obtaining them

This is a classic and traditional amulet believed to provide assistance to help increase wealth, prosperity and luck, increasing business/sales.

Items like this are used by many different cultures, not limited to only Thai. One only.