AJ Tom: barang Prai Tong – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck




Made using a variety of prai based material and the bulk of murn Sarn being wan phi pong, a popular type of herb/plant which is said to contain powerful supernatural energies.

Prai tong literally translates to golden ghost, it is believed to be like a bodyguard, of a higher level than hoon payon, and is alleged to bring great wealth and gambling luck to the owner, and even believed to steal the luck of backstabbers and people with ill intention to transfer it to you.

His image is usually depicted in the form of a skeleton, and like many others, can come in the form of bucha or amulet form. Some find the image of this prai scary due to it being usually depicted as a skeleton.

Prai tong is also alleged to help to improve interpersonal relationship, attract wealth, business, protect the owner, avoid danger and evil beings or magic, aid in sixth sense though dreams or whispers and communicate with prais, and improve the wearer general luck. One only.