AJ Tom: barang panneng for Wealth & Riches – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck




Na Setthi Wealth Prai

A old release by Aj Tom of Chiang Mai

Stuffed with a bunch of murn sarn on the back, which is a mixture of occult and prai material, a ghost coin, 2 takruts for extreme wealth fetching and pitong, and hand yanted on the front.

A plus is it’s a really nice and flat size, easy to carry or wear!

This is believed to be very strong for its wealth fetching abilities, especially side wealth, nightlife industry, Grey industry and gambling luck(偏财/偏门)

It is also very good for metta, Maha niyom and saneh effect, which is charisma, improving interpersonal relationship(人缘), popularity, charm and attraction of the opposite gender.

This particular piece is alleged to be best suited for wealth and interpersonal matters, and is best for those who are running a business, doing sales, or is basically in a job which has alot of human interaction/depends on customers for a living(commission based/sales).

It is also alleged that this piece can be use on both opposite and the same gender as well, be it for matters of business or work, or other matters. One only.