AJ Tay: RARE Phra Pidta panneng amulet – THAI VOODOO for protection

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An absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind Phra Pidta amulet from the famed AJ Tay, a disciple of Por Sala Tan’s whose work is rarely seen these days

This piece is a panneng carved and consecrated to Phra Pidta, a disciple of the Buddha’s lost in samadhi meditation, who is covering his eyes to shut out the outside world.

Phra Pidta amulets are believed to provide extremely powerful supernatural protection against enemies and trouble of all types, so much so that infamous bank robber in Singapore in the 1970s wore one and managed to escape many, many traps and shoot-outs, police dragnets, etc before finally being caught, which he always attributed to the power of Phra Pidta.

I have never seen a Phra Pidta panneng before this one and don’t expect to ever see one again. Please treat with respect. One only.