AJ Phrot: RARE Phra Ngang barang amulet – THAI VOODOO for love & protection


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A rare Phra Ngang amulet from the reclusive AJ Phrot, the modern master of Thai dark magic & maha saneh (attraction) sorcery in particular

Ajarn Phrot is known for making amulets which can be a bit crude and rough in appearance but which remain in high demand and hard to find on because he sources the most hardcore, extreme barang ingredients (various magical herbs, dirts, prai, etc) for maximum potency

So, if you know who Phra Ngang is you understand the deal with the piece, and who it’s from – consecrated to the Southeast Asian king of dark magic, alleged to possess tremendous powers of protection (from envy, black magic, evil spirits etc) and MASSIVELY amplified powers of attraction and animal magnetism for flirting, nightlife, dating and relating, etc.

Extremely rare, one only.