LP Komol : 12″ wood Phra Ngang statue – THAI VOODOO for love & money luck


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A cthonic (underworld) Southeast Asian spirit who functions as a sort of earthy, bawdy, playful counterbalance to the ascetic strivings of Theravada Buddhism, Phra Ngang is worshipped for success in:

  • love & sex
  • business & gambling luck
  • protection from black magic and negative energy.

This 12″ tall carved wooden Phra Ngang fetish likes:

  • coconut water
  • green bananas
  • pineapples
  • cigarettes
  • whiskey
  • jasmine and sandalwood incense
  • red bull

He needs to have a fresh glass of water at all times. Do NOT:

  • keep in room you sleep in
  • place above the Buddha
  • make offerings of raw meat (ESPECIALLY dangerous).

Thursday at midnight is the traditional time for worship of Phra Ngang. Simply change his water, light some incense, chant the kathas and make your wish.


  • LP Komol


3x : NAMO -TUS-SA PA-KA-WA-TOH AH -RA-HA-TOH SUM-MA SUM-PUT TUS-SA (homage to the Buddha)

1x: Ohm La Luay Maha La Luay La Luay Na La Luay Ngang Ma Ni Ma Ma Maha Ngang Ma Ni Jidtang Ma Ni Ma Na Ma Ma